Easy Booze

Whether your a homebrew pro or just getting started, here are a couple of brew your own beer recipes that both will enjoy.

Ginger Beer

1/4 tsp yeast
225 g caster sugar
1-2 tbsp. ginger root (grated or chopped)
juice of a lemon
tbsp. honey

Pour sugar and yeast into a clean sterilized bottle using a funnel. In a bowl, mix together the ginger, lemon and honey. Pour mixture into the bottle using the funnel. Fill bottle half way with water. Replace cap on the bottle and shake firmly until most of the sugar appears dissolved. Remove cap and fill the rest of the bottle with water, being sure to leave some space at the top for gas expansion. Replace cap again and place in a warm dry place for at least 48 hours. Check the bottle to see if it feels firm. If you can still give it a squeeze and its not completely firm to touch, give it another 24 hours. Keep checking until the bottle feels hard and unable to squeeze. When firm, place bottle in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, as this stops the yeast from working. Ruin through a strainer and serve over ice.

Rice Beer

5 cups of white rice
normal amount of water needed to cook rice
1 tablespoon of dry yeast

Cook rice as directed and set aside. Thoroughly wash a large container with a lid. Place rice on a clean and dry surface to loosen clumps. Sprinkle yeast over the rice and begin to mix well using clean hands. Pour rice mixture into container and cover with lid. Cover container with an old towel or blanket and store in a warm place for about 1-2 weeks. Transfer to another container and add 3 cups of water. Put into the refrigerator to stop the yeast from continuing to work. Leave in refrigerator for 1-2 days. Run through strainer to remove rice. Pour and enjoy!